Sunflower Season

Sunflowers continue to resonate for both retail and wedding customers. Many continue to ask for and seek out sunflowers. Right now in August, we are in this glorious time of year where all our sunflowers are locally grown and abundantly available.

Instragram Inspiration

First, these florists of Instagram, often studio-based, have evolved, elevated, and in general, raised the bar of floral design. I find inspiration in both their work and their willingness to share in an honest and real way. Second, through the process of posting our own work, I’ve found that I’m continually examining, evaluating, and evolving our style, design, and aesthetic.

Easter at Home

Exactly one week before Easter Sunday, the ground was covered with freshly fallen snow. With Easter 2019 falling almost as late in April as possible, snow the week before, well into the season of spring, can be discouraging. But in a fortunate turn of weather events, not uncommon in Michigan, Easter Sunday was a lovely day.